NASA dreads the huge moon rocket's return.

Hurricane Ian is rapidly approaching the Florida coast, therefore NASA has regretfully chosen to return the gigantic moon rocket, Artemis I, to its vast hangar.

The massive 322-foot Space Launch System rocket has been waiting on the launchpad at Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida, for over two months.

This was NASA's second attempt to launch the new Orion spacecraft into orbit, but launch director Charlie Blackwell-Thompson called off the flight .

Managers of the mission intended to try again on Tuesday, September 26th, following a successful fuelling demonstration the week before.

John Giles probably wanted to see the rocket go off this week more than anybody else in the Kennedy Space Center yard.

The rocket, which is the height of the Statue of Liberty, spends its time in the Florida sunlight, but it takes refuge in the Vehicle Assembly Building .

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