Monday, Texans release key RB

On the same day that the Houston Texans welcomed back wide receiver Chris Conley, the organisation apparently severed relations with a former player who rushed for 1,000 yards in a season.

Jayson Braddock, a co-host on the show "Houston Football Show," shared the news that the Texans had dismissed Marlon Mack and brought Chris Conley back onto their practise squad.

In order to get Conley back, Braddock pointed out that the club needed to clear up one of its six veteran roster positions.

After spending the previous four seasons with the Colts, Mack was given a one-year contract by the Texans in March. Over the course of the previous couple of

seasons, Mack has only carried the ball 32 times because of various ailments and the rise of Johnathan Taylor.

Mack's release by the Texans on the previous Tuesday caught many people off guard, but he quickly re-signed with the practise squad of the organisation only one day later.

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