MMA fighter strikes a YouTube star while being interviewed on television

Amadeusz Roslik, an MMA fighter, randomly hit YouTube personality Sadek as he was shooting an interview.

Roslik competes in the Polish MMA organisation FAME and has a history of receiving discipline for acting improperly while competing.

For knocking out an opponent and kicking him in the face while he was on the ground, which is forbidden by official MMA regulations, "Ferrari" was disqualified in 2020.

In March, he generated more current controversy when he got into a fight with an MMA opponent at a press conference that turned violent.

In the most recent footage of Roslik's shenanigans, YouTube sensation Sadek was speaking with Polish journalist Monika Laskowska one-on-one and responding to questions.

Unaware of the strike, Sadek was struck by a powerful hook from Roslik, who suddenly entered the frame. He was left on the ground, collapsed

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