MLB world responds to Manny Gonzalez's subpar performance as an umpire

A home plate umpire's performance during a Major League Baseball game on another day is, to put it mildly, unnerving.

Monday's doubleheader between the Baltimore Orioles and Toronto Blue Jays featured Manny Gonzalez at the plate. 

Fans were baffled and incensed by his balls and strikes decisions throughout the whole of the first game because they appeared to defy reason and decent behaviour.

The final score was 7-3 in favour of the Blue Jays. However, it appeared like Gonzalez's horrible day working behind the plate was all any fans cared to talk about. 

Gonzalez clearly puts himself in that sort of company with his performance on Monday, even if he hasn't established the kind of reputation that someone like Angel Hernandez has.

Gonzalez's ump card is about to be shown, and those who saw the game are quite anxious to see it.

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