MLB world reacted to an adult taking a girl's basketball.

A Major League Baseball game's unwritten unspoken rule is that kids receive first dibs on souvenir balls, even though a baseball is theoretically free for any spectator to grab

and take home as it hits the stands. However, it seems that one man at a recent Washington Nationals game missed the notice.

Right fielder Joey Meneses of the Washington Nationals noticed what seemed to be a little girls' softball team sitting down the first-base line at one time during the Nationals' 7-3 defeat

to the New York Mets. Palacios glanced around the gathering before purposefully tossing a baseball to a young woman sporting a baseball mitt. 

A mature guy, also wearing a baseball glove, approaches the girl as she prepares to make the catch, places his arm in front of hers, snatches the ball for himself, and quickly walks away.

Naturally, a mature guy snatching a souvenir baseball from a young girl did not go down well in the MLB world, and many people turned to Twitter to criticise the man.

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