MLB responds to AG's Yankees demand

Aaron Judge might hit his 61st home run of the season Friday night, tying Roger Maris' record. Apple TV+ has exclusive rights to the game and has refused pleas

from YES and ESPN to share the broadcast or cut-ins. New York AG Letitia James has requested Apple reveal its wares. Many complainers think you need Apple TV+ to view the game.

Apple gives free access to all MLB games they broadcast, including this one. It's more accessible than if it were on YES, a pay network that needs cable or satellite.

Letitia James tweeted, "Millions of New Yorkers pay for cable anticipating live sports." “It's immoral and unjust to exclude them from seeing Aaron Judge make history tonight.

Only if James is on the YES payroll does this make sense; otherwise, she's asking a private organisation with exclusive

rights to share its material with another private entity without those rights, which sounds problematic at best.

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