Mira Mariah gives tattoo beginners advice

Peter Grosz discussed tattooing on this week's Everyone and Their Mom. The comedian said he wanted a tattoo but may have missed the boat. There's a boat at the tattoo dock right now

Mira Mariah AKA Girl Knew New, whose clientele include Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande, talks about choosing a tattoo, how she once misspelt one, and her creative process.

Mira: Nope. I've tattooed a 94-year-old. 40-year-olds know themselves better than they did at 20, thus they make better judgments. You have more money and greater taste.

I've only spelled one tattoo incorrectly in my whole career, and it's on my closest friend. She won't let me repair it! She's content. She thinks it's hilarious how it's done. I've fixed little.

This is my soulmate. My closest buddy since college vowed she'd never get a tattoo. After I began tattooing, she got a little tattoo and then a bum tattoo

We should build a flowchart for him, you know? Does he want a graphic tattoo or a hand-drawn one?
Handcrafted. He seems to seek arm art.

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