Middle school students were paid $5 to jump over a fellow student

Aadrina Salean Smith, a 24-year-old substitute physical education teacher, was detained on Monday after she is accused of inciting five kids to assault another student while she stood nearby.

At North Caddo Elementary Middle School in Vivian, Louisiana, where Smith was filling in for another full-time teacher, the event happened on August 23 during a gym class.

According to the Caddo Youth Services Division, Smith allegedly offered to pay five separate pupils $5 apiece to bully a classmate.

According to a statement released by the Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office, "Caddo investigators arrested a substitute physical education instructor who pushed pupils to commit violence 

The statement also states that there is video proof of the event, which depicts Smith speaking to the children and appearing to praise three of the attackers.

Smith may be seen in the video as well, watching from the stands while the victim of the assault lay on the gym floor.

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