Menu items from bygone eras that we hope will make a comeback at our favourite restaurants

Do you want to start your meal with a plate of flambéed beloved Crêpes Suzette, then go on to fish doused in cream.

You could have trouble unless you go to a restaurant with a planned throwback vibe or discover a place where time has stopped. 

 We take a look at the most well-known foods of the last century that have since gone out of style and are now only available in very traditional eateries.

 This chilled soup, created in 1917 by a French chef at New York's Ritz-Carlton Hotel, became a standard on the hotel's fine dining menu and beyond for decades. 

The silky consistency came from puréeing leeks, onions, potatoes, chicken stock, and cream.

t's a pity that you can only find it on very old-fashioned menus these days since it's a lot of fun to attempt to wrap your tongue around the pronunciation.

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