Meghan Markle was supposedly told by King Charles III that she was not allowed at the Queen's bedside.

The Duke of Sussex's wife shouldn't accompany him to say farewell to the Queen, King Charles III supposedly advised him, according to an article published this morning in The Sun.

As a result, Harry went to Scotland's Balmoral Castle by himself, where his grandmother was ill and finally passed away. 

According to a source who talked with The Sun, "He [Charles] made it very, very plain Meghan would not be welcomed." 

The numbers really should be confined to the very closest relatives, Charles reportedly told Prince William, making it clear that Kate Middleton shouldn't attend as well.

Only three Royal Family members, including the Queen's daughter Anne, son Charles, and Charles' wife Camilla, were there when she passed away.

Princes William, Edward, and Andrew are rumoured to have been there or on their way to the castle at the time. When his grandma died away, Harry said he was already en route.

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