Meet Samantha Bracksieck, Aaron Judge's high school sweetheart.

With Judge during his illustrious year? Samantha Bracksieck, his spouse. The two keep their connection very discreet, but Bracksieck frequently shows up to support Judge during his sporting events. 

On September 5 in Queens, they also went to the US Open together (coincidentally across the street from where the New York Mets play).

Bracksieck and Judge's mother, Patty, were reportedly there at Yankee Stadium on Tuesday night to witness Judge hit his 60th home run. But Judge and his wife often want to keep their union private.

In December 2021, the couple wed in Hawaii, although they kept their nuptials and even their engagement a secret at the time.

According to reports, the couple began dating while still in high school in California and dated intermittently for several years until reuniting for good in 2019. 

Judge doesn't mention Bracksieck in any of her Instagram posts, and she doesn't have a public profile.

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