McDonald's Breakfast Fans Disappointed

McDonald's introduced all-day breakfast on October 6, 2015. No more McDonald's at 10:30. Pandemic shutdown halted all-day McDonald's breakfast to simplify operations.

McDonald's all-day breakfast rumours have circulated for months. CNBC says the rumours about McDonald's breakfast are false

 A Twitter user revived the conversation Thursday by tweeting a screenshot of a McDonald's press release announcing all-day breakfast starting October 6. 

Former CEO Steve Easterbrook created McDonald's all-day breakfast menu. The former CEO wanted to launch an all-day McDonald's breakfast menu to boost the chain's (then) poor sales.

After pandemic lockdowns were lifted, McDonald's management began looking at adding menu items back. 

 CEO Chris Kempczinski told business analysts that his team was working within the franchise to ensure every item added back earns its place.

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