Maury Wills, Expert of the Taken Base, Is Dead at 89

 A prior rendition of a subheadline with this tribute misquoted the period in which Wills assisted the Dodgers with winning three flags.

Maury Wills, the star Los Angeles Dodger shortstop who restored the specialty of base-taking during the 1960s and became one of the most astonishing ballplayers.

The serenades of "Go, go, go!" reverberated from Dodger fans when the thin Wills took a lead off a respectable starting point.

 He was before long making excellent progress so far — taking a respectable halfway point, and some of the time third minutes after the fact.

Wills had spent in excess of eight seasons in the minors when he joined the Dodgers toward the beginning of June 1959.

Wills set a cutting edge significant association record when he took 104 bases in 1962, overshadowing the record of 96 set by Ty Cobb in 1915 and changing baseball

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