Low-calorie foods

Arugula.A cup of arugula (rocket) has 5 calories. Vitamin K, fibre, and antioxidants are also in arugula. It provides 100% of the daily required dose of bone-healthy vitamin K.

We adore grilling asparagus, which simply requires olive oil  and parmesan cheese. A half-cup portion has 20 calories, 2 grammes of fibre, 2 grammes of protein, and half your daily vitamin K.

Most bell peppers are sweet, but the calories don't reflect that. One cup of medium bell pepper provides 30 calories. One sweet pepper has nearly 100% of your daily vitamin C needs.

Broccoli is low in calories and contains fibre, vitamins C, K, and antioxidants. A cup of chopped broccoli has 31 calories, so use it frequently.

Cabbage adds substance without many calories. One cup of cabbage—in salads, sandwiches, sides, or as its own dish—has 18 calories. Bok choy, or Chinese cabbage, has 9 calories per serving.

Cucumbers.A cup of cucumber has 16 calories, so it may replace tortilla chips, crackers, and other items. It includes vitamins K, C, and B, so use it in salads and dips.

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