Low-calorie foods

Apples.About 57 calories may be found in a single apple that weighs 100 grammes. About three grammes of fibre may be expected as well.

The typical tomato has just 22 calories. As a result of being mostly water, they are minimal in calories while yet providing a wealth of healthful antioxidants.

Strawberry sweetness comes from naturally occurring sugars, although the fruit has surprisingly little calories. Per cup, strawberries are low in calories, at about 50. (152 grams).

However, the calorie count of any given onion variety is about the same as that of another. About 44 calories may be found in a medium onion (100 grammes).

Clementines.Vitamin C content of clementines is significant, yet one fruit (around 74 grammes) only has 35 calories.

The calorie content of bell peppers is really low. There are around 46 calories in one cup of diced red bell pepper (or 150 grammes).

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