Liz Truss is Britain's third female leader.
No woman is US president.

Truss, who is 47 years old, won the position by defeating Rishi Sunak, the finance minister under previous prime minister Boris Johnson and a member of the Conservative Party.

Truss is the third Conservative prime minister in a row after Margaret Thatcher (1979–1990) and Theresa May (2016–2019).

Truss has been described as politically motivated and vocal, drawing comparisons to Margaret Thatcher, the fiery Iron Lady who advocated for low taxes and free markets.

Presidential politics specialist David Hopkins from Boston College has argued that parliamentary systems are more likely to promote women.

In Britain, people select a political party rather than a prime minister directly. The winning party gets to choose who will lead the country.

According to Rainbow Murray, an expert on gender and diversity in politics and a professor at Queen Mary University of London, it is much harder for a woman to be elected .

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