Lifelong couples know these marriage truths

Relationships need effort.You must honour your commitment and realise that marriage is hard work.
You must stroll side by side and realise no one is accountable for your happiness.

When one falls, the other is there to help him/her up.
Life isn't easy. You may have hopes and ambitions for life, but it's not "pie in the sky, by and by!" ”

Marriage is about cooperating.Together, you selected. You're not rivals. You must work together and be "for each other, not against one other."

You will disagree, but you must learn not to be obstinate.
Now is the moment for partnership, not pouting, clamming up, or stomping off.
Sometimes you must sacrifice for the team.

Couples must become best buddies.
Best friends don't always agree, yet they remain friends. They love one other's company and want to spend time together.

Couples might grow disheartened if they never achieve their aims.
Each step of the journey may be something to appreciate as you travel through life.

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