LEGO fan recreates Kanto Route 3

The Pokemon audience appears to love the 1st generation games. The community enjoys developing fan art of Gen 1 Pokemon, particularly the Kanto region starters, and the region's prominent locales.

 A Pokemon fan's LEGO Kanto project is up to Route 3, they say.
Reddit followers know the artist has completed Route 1 and Route 2 of their Kanto LEGO project.

 Route 3 will be upgraded next. Route 3 links Pewter City in Kanto to Route 4 and Mt. Moon. Fans may anticipate updates on Route 4 or Mt. Moon now that Route 3 is complete.

Redditor Buscags1 posted photographs of their Route 3 reenactment in a post. Fans will also admire how they linked Route 3 to other regions, beginning with Kanto's Pallet Town.

Pokemon Red and Blue fans may have recollections of their first adventure through the region, beginning in Pallet Town and travelling via Route 1 and Viridian City.

This is the 6th section of the artist's LEGO reproduction effort, and they want to recreate the whole Pokemon Kanto area. Reddit users praised the artist's work and said they love the series. 

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