Lady, 89, kicks the bucket after pit bulls assault her and 12-year-old grandson at Colorado home

A 89-year-elderly person kicked the bucket days after her and her grandson were gone after by pit bulls at a Colorado home, police said.

The Brilliant Police Division said officials were dispatched to home only west of Denver on Sept. 14 "with respect to a creature nibble."

When officials showed up at the home, they found blood driving into the home, and found two pit bull canines going after the lady, the division said.

Officials endeavored to in the middle of between the canines and lady, and attempted to utilize tasers and "less deadly shotguns" to make distance, however were fruitless.

"Each time the officials moved toward the person in question, the canines would circle the officials. Less deadly choices were not viable," specialists said.

The two canines engaged with the assault were taken to a veterinary clinic to be dealt with and assessed

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