Kid-friendly lunches

Avocado-chicken wraps.I made this chicken avocado wrap for lunch. We love this recipe. Plano, Texas' Shiva Houshidari

Turkey-Pasta-Ranch Salad.This quick spaghetti salad with fresh vegetables and ranch dressing is kid-friendly. — Maryland's Julie Peterson

Blueberry-cantaloupe salad.This fruit mixture is dressed with a simple citrus and poppy seed dressing. Minnesota's R. Jean Rand

Carrot Cookies.It's a family favourite. Soft, tasty cookies with seductive baking scent. Recipe requests are constant. Greensburg, Kentucky's Jeanie Petrik

Chicken wrap lunchbox.This lunchbox-friendly wrap uses leftover chicken and vegetables. Thin veggie strips offer colour when the wrap is sliced. Spinach becomes irresistible. Test Kitchen.

Honey-poppyseed fruit salad.This vibrant fruit salad with poppy seed dressing takes 10 minutes to make. This salad's honey sauce shines. Dinnean, AR

Supreme Court rule restricts gun carry in New York 

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