Jon Gruden claims to be a "decent person" and asks for a second chance.

Jon Gruden, a former coach of the Raiders and the Buccaneers, has remained quiet for almost a year. He is not anymore.

Gruden addressed the events that led to the end of his coaching career while making it apparent he wants to coach once again while making an appearance at the Little Rock Touchdown Club.

I'm just going to express honest things here, Gruden declared. "I'm embarrassed by what has transpired in these emails. And I won't offer any justifications.

It's deplorable. I am a decent guy, though. I think that. I attend church. 

It's been 31 years since my marriage. I have three wonderful boys. Even now, I adore football. 

I've made some errors, but I don't believe anyone in this room hasn't either. And I only beg for pardon in the hopes of being granted another chance.

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