John Dean says that when the walls come in, Trump will seek to "play the tyrant"

John Dean, a former player in Watergate, foresaw bloodshed as a result of Donald Trump's mounting legal troubles.

Following the hearing on Tuesday in a Brooklyn courtroom before Special Master Raymond Dearie,

Richard Nixon's former White House attorney, who was banned after his Watergate conviction, provided his perspective.

Dean stated in a conversation on Twitter that "it seems Trump's attorneys are trying to defend his lie that he declassified all the Mar A Largo records."

"GOP wants him to wait till until 11/08 before declaring, therefore he needs to lie. He believes—correctly—that he won't be charged until after the November elections. 

"He is not just the centre of attention because he is a contender for the presidency, but he can also argue that any prosecution is a political ploy to keep him out of the White House.

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