Joe Buck's Response to Aaron Rodgers' Remark Has Gone Viral

Several video snippets from Aaron Rodgers' most recent conversation with Bill Maher have gone viral.

One of them has Rodgers talking about the Joe Buck and Troy Aikman announcing duo, which for years called the top game on FOX before switching to ESPN this offseason.

Rodgers makes it apparent that he admires both guys, and when Maher nods in agreement, Rodgers casually mentions that Buck is unpopular with many people.

Maher is perplexed, but Rodgers insists that many football fans "hate" the veteran play-by-play announcer. Rodgers does not concur with them.

"I believe he's fantastic. I'm a tremendous fan of Joe Buck, "Added Rodgers.

Rodgers is accurate in saying that Buck is disliked by a sizable portion of football fans. According to anecdotes, this is mostly because they believe he is prejudiced against their preferred side.

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