Jimmy Garoppolo has the opportunity to show the 49ers were incorrect 

Reality can now and again be passed on through just something that sounds insensitive.

Three pointer Spear is probable still the eventual fate of the San Francisco 49ers at quarterback.

His colossal devices haven't reduced and he can in any case form into a focal point starter in the NFL.

Also, not even his most horrendously awful pundits, assuming they have any mankind, ought to revel in Spear's season-finishing broken lower leg on Sunday.

That sounds brutal following Spear being lost until the end of the time, particularly after he didn't have fair chance to show what sorts of steps he was fit for making this year.

However, there is likewise a more extended view that can't be disregarded, and it incorporates three realities that must be viewed as since Spear has been lost for the season.

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