Jimmy Garoppolo Admits Honestly To Replacing Trey Lance On Sunday

The San Francisco 49ers team from Week 2 resembled previous 49ers squads quite a bit.

In place of the injured Trey Lance, Jimmy Garoppolo led the NFC West team to a 27-7 victory on Sunday in Santa Clara.

The remainder of the season will see Lance sidelined. On Sunday, he sustained a severe ankle injury that will require surgery. The good thing is that Garoppolo is an experienced player.

Garoppolo said that controlling the San Francisco offence in place of Lance is "exactly like riding a bike." In other words, he is accustomed to it.

According to 49ersWebzone.com, Garoppolo added, "Just like riding a bike." "It was satisfying to be back outside. I am very sorry for Trey. I've experienced it from that side. 

It's tough in this league. Everyone gets hurt occasionally, but for him, it stinks. Although I feel awful for him, we will pick him up since he is our brother. I feel at ease here.

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