Jerry Jones Pursues Official Choice On His Future With The Dallas Cowpokes

Alarge gathering of Dallas Cowpokes fans have become fed up with Jerry Jones and his choices for the establishment. Nonetheless, the 79-year-old NFL 

proprietor isn't going anyplace at any point. Jones sent a reasonable message about his future with the Ranchers this Friday morning

"I won't ever sell this group," he said during a section on 105.3 The Fan.

It seems as though Dallas is left with him for years to come.
"#Cowboys proprietor Jerry Jones to fans baffled "I'd be frantic as well" yet says 

 "I won't ever sell this group" and says he would be available to a portion on @1053thefan accepting calls from fans. 

So, it seems to be Jones committed a major error sending Amari Cooper to Cleveland. The Cowpokes offense just isn't something similar.

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