Invading giant pythons are out of control in Florida.

Native species in Florida have been wiped off by invasive Burmese pythons.The pythons are elusive and difficult to find, so the state hires 100 contractors to hunt them.

The presence of the pythons is not their fault, but they must leave, according to one python hunter.

When she was younger, her father would take her to the stream where they would try to collect lizards, amphibians, and various other small animals.

But she accompanied a different sort of quest at the beginning of 2019.

She travelled from her home in Indiana, where she had a thriving real estate firm, to South Florida after learning that hunters there were being paid to capture enormous Burmese pythons.

In order to eradicate the invasive reptiles, which have destroyed the ecology and wiped off local species, Florida has hired Siewe as one of 100 certified hunters.

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