In reaction to a fan keeping the 700th home run ball, Albert Pujols displays grace.

When a Major League Baseball player hits a milestone home run, it's customary for a fan to give the player the ball in exchange for some memorabilia. 

Recently, a fan did this for Aaron Judge of the New York Yankees after Judge hit his 60th home run of the season.

However, it appears that the fan who caught Albert Pujols' 700th home run ball intends to keep it rather than return it, and Pujols is fine with that.

Bill Plunkett, the beat reporter for the Los Angeles Dodgers, reports that Pujols is unconcerned about getting his 700th home run ball returned and that he has no issue if the fan wants to keep it.

Pujols stated of the baseball, "Souvenirs are for the fans. "If they want to preserve it, I have no objections. It's excellent if they want to return it. 

The reply is elegant. Although he is certain that he would like to keep the baseball for himself, he is aware that the fan who caught it will likely want to keep it as a memento of their experience.

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