Rockets ex-player John Wall discusses his personal struggles in his book "I Thought About Committing Suicide"

John Wall, a former point guard for the Houston Rockets, was as open as ever while discussing his life over the past two years.

Everyone has their own demons to battle occasionally when life gets tough, whether you're the ordinary Joe or an NBA player with millions of cash at your disposal.

John Wall, the former point guard for the Houston Rockets, openly discussed how difficult the previous few years had been for him before agreeing to join with the Los Angeles Clippers this summer.

Wall admitted during his foundation event with the Salvation Army, "I considered suicide. "Tearing my Achilles, losing my mother, and my grandma a year after, all while dealing with COVID. 

I was receiving chemotherapy while seeing my mum take her last breaths while wearing the same outfit for three days in a row.

Wall says that his friends, family, and team helped him get through his worst times. He persisted, and now he's ready to resume playing significant basketball, something he hasn't done in a while.

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