Hungary faces dealing with EU that could cost it billions

After his title execution at Hungary's Sziget Celebration last month, pop star Justin Bieber held a self important party for his staff in a sumptuous field setting.

 The palace, to the pundits of Head of the state Viktor Orban, is symbolic of the debasement, nepotism and largesse of which the egalitarian chief.

Remaining next to the iron entryways of Schossberger Palace this week, a free Hungarian legislator who has become well known as an enemy.

A previous individual from Orban's decision Fidesz party, Akos Hadhazy left the patriot egalitarian party in 2013 in the wake of becoming mindful.

"At the point when Fidesz came to influence, I saw increasingly more that an intense association was starting to foster all through the country.

 Hadhazy told The Related Press. Presently, Orban is confronting a retribution with the EU, which seems set to force monetary punishments on his administration over debasement.

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