How Tiger Woods's Internment Really Ended

Tiger Woods found himself spending the night in jail after being suspected of driving while intoxicated back in 2017. But what was it like for the famous golfer?

Newsfeeds all around the world were buzzing in late May 2017 after a police officer spotted a Mercedes-Benz stopped over but "partially obstructing the bicycle lane,

" according to a police record made public by Golf. The responding officer said, "The vehicle's right turn signal and rear brake lights were still on."

The officer recognised the driver of the car as none other than Woods, and when speaking with him,

both he and his backup saw that Woods appeared to be unable to stay awake and oblivious of his whereabouts. Additionally, Woods had trouble with a field sobriety test. 

He was then transferred to the Palm Beach County Jail for observation and drug and alcohol tests shortly after being placed under arrest.

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