How much money do cheerleaders and NFL officials make?

An NFL referee's pay isn't published in official documents. On the basis of the wage ranges in the NFL CBA that is no longer in effect,

it can be predicted. Starting in 2019, an NFL referee's annual salary averaged $205,000.

In addition to a regular base wage, the league also pays its officials every game. Typically, one may determine in-season game check totals by multiplying by 16 over the course of the year. 

On the other side, NFL cheerleaders don't get paid well. Some teams used to pay them less than the minimum wage until recently,

but things have changed and their salary has increased in recent years. Even still, their pay is very low when compared to that of NFL players or other employees.

According to various media reports, NFL cheerleaders often make $150 every game day and $50 to $75 per public appearance, which works out to around $22,500 annually.

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