‘Henry Cavill to Marvel’ rumors prove false…for now

DC fans were understandably anxious amid the symphony of rumours that Henry Cavill, aka Superman, was giving up his cape and spandex to play for Marvel's side.

He was allegedly among a host of well-known stars headed for the MCU, according to a viral story that surfaced before Disney's D23 Expo. 

Additionally, they were all anticipated to be revealed during Marvel's D23 conference.

The DCEU devotees let out a great sigh of relief when that rumour turned out to be false.

In all honesty, DC's supporters had excellent cause to be uneasy. Since Cavill dressed up for 2017's Justice League, the two allegedly have not been on the same page. 

He was rumoured to appear in Shazam!, which will be released in 2019. , however discussions broke down, forcing a Superman stunt double to be filmed for the scene from the neck down.

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