He endure a torrential slide on Everest

Quang Thân had summitted a portion of the world's tallest pinnacles: Kilimanjaro, Aconagua, Denali. He had endeavored Everest two times and endure a torrential slide there in 2005.

His broad experience makes what befell Thân considerably seriously frustrating. During a day climb on a lot less popular California mountain .

It was Aug. 21. Thân, 66, was with two different climbers summitting Split Mountain in California's Sierra Nevada, a 400-mile range home to Yosemite Public Park.

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His partners, who Thân met through a Facebook bunch for Vietnamese explorers, advised Thân to wait as they summitted the 14,064-foot top.

They started looking through decisively at a close by lake where Thân had reserved some stuff. The stuff was there however he wasn't.

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