Hamilton is now grinning after a better Mercedes performance.

Lewis Hamilton found his grin and some hope again five days after his opening lap collision in Belgium as he finished third in the first practise for the Dutch Grand Prix on Friday.

Seven-time world champion Carlos Sainz temporarily led the times in his Ferrari before Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz overtook him.

In reference to his collision with Alpine's two-time champion Fernando Alonso, he commented, "That's a lot better than last Sunday and it's a lot better than last Friday too."

"So yes, the weekend is off to a good start. With the vehicle, we've found a lot better position because the circuit is new and still being developed.

"It is encouraging to see that we are not too far behind and that the automobile doesn't seem too uncomfortable. All we have to do is keep working at it.

It will be challenging to compete for first or second if we start in row three, but you have to be beginning in the ideal place, you know.

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