Graham predicts rioting if Trump is charged.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., denounced a two-tiered judicial system on "Sunday Night in America"

Trey Gowdy opened the episode with a viral footage of Mark Zuckerberg saying on Joe Rogan's podcast that the FBI alerted Facebook about "Russian propaganda" before the 2020 election,

forcing the internet company to hide articles regarding Hunter Biden's laptop.

Graham said there is a "double standard" in federal enforcement, which might fuel violence.

"Most Republicans, like myself, think Trump is above the law. He's the goal. Trump gets a pass. The FBI intervened with Hunter Biden so the news wouldn't emerge before 2020

"We're both lawyers. Political legislation has never worried me more. How do you persuade a Republican conservative that Trump works? Crossfire Hurricane's probing sucked.

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