NASA believes Artemis 1 might launch this week.

Despite today's glitch, NASA's Artemis 1 mission may launch this week.

Artemis 1 was scheduled to launch today (Aug. 29) from Kennedy Space Center in Florida with an uncrewed Orion spacecraft. Artemis 1 discovered a problem with one of the SLS's four 

RS-25 engines during the countdown and scrubbed the attempt.
NASA hasn't given up on launching Artemis 1 on Friday (Sept. 2)

Artemis mission manager Mike Sarafin confirmed today that Friday is possible. "We need time to analyse the data. The crew plans a 96-hour recycling."

The Artemis 1 crew doesn't know why Engine 3 didn't cool sufficiently; additional study is needed. Initial analyses seem positive.

Engine cooling fixes don't guarantee on-time launch. Space Coast weather is unreliable. The U.S. Space Force predicts 40% chance of good weather on Friday.

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