Golfer Admits He Joined LIV Golf for the Cash

Harold Varner III, a 35th-ranked golfer, said on Tuesday that he was switching from the PGA Tour to LIV Golf in a statement. Admitting that it was simply too lucrative to pass up:

I've always been honest, so allow me to be upfront with you, friends. I've signed up for the LIV Golf Tour. 

... Simply put, the chance to work with LIV Golf represents too great of a financial breakthrough for me to pass up. ... 

This money will guarantee that my child and subsequent Varners will have a strong foundation to build upon and a life I could only have imagined as a child.

Varner is the most well-known golfer to recently switch to the Saudi-sponsored tour, a problem that the PGA has been attempting to solve lately.

Varner said, "This news may have impacted your perception of me. No doubt, dealing with that will be difficult. But I haven't changed. "I'm still myself, I swear to you,"

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