Gold coins worth $290,000 discovered beneath kitchen floorboard in England

Northern England house remodelling uncovers gold coins that might earn $290,000 at auction next month.

The find was found by locals remodelling their kitchen in a tiny town in North Yorkshire, auction firm Spink & Son told USA TODAY.

In July 2019, an anonymous couple recovered a salt-glazed cup hidden beneath the concrete and floorboards of their 18th-century property in Ellerby, near the North Sea.

The soda-can-sized cup included 260 gold coins, Spink & Son reported. Dated 1610-1727.

In today's money, the hoard is worth £100,000 (or $115,100). The auctioneers estimate the coins to sell for at least £250,000 next month, Spink & Son said.

Most of the coins were English, but one was from Brazil. Throughout the 1720s, it disseminated in England, say experts.

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