God makes Superman seem weak

Rao, the solar god, is much more powerful than Superman. Rao, revived by a mad scientist, revealed Superman Kryptonian strength. DC's heroes have godlike power. 

Wonder Woman is descended from gods, while the Flash's Speed Force allows him to achieve incredible things. Superman possesses one of the DC Universe's most amazing skill sets. 

Superman can relocate planets, withstand black holes, and confront dangers that may destroy worlds. Superman is one of the most powerful heroes in a universe of "gods."

Fully realistic Kryptonian sun deity makes Superman appear puny. Jax-Ur reveals his plot to destroy mankind in Action Comics #887 by Greg Rucka, Eric Trautmann, and Pere PĂ©rez

Jax-Ur developed a 'clone' of Rao, the deity Superman's people revered on Krypton, using humans as a foundation model and filling it with Flamebird's magical qualities.

This Rao is an excellent bastardization of Superman's deity. Like Superman in the worst situation, Rao is hard to stop

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