Gary Player rips PGA Tour golfer for leaving

Gary Player criticised a PGA Tour player who joined LIV Golf in a BBC interview on Wednesday.

Player, 86, criticised the LIV series before targeting Cam Smith, who joined the Saudi-backed league last week.

"I believed he'd be a superstar. What's his future?" Player questioned Smith. "Will he become a champion? Unsure."
Player isn't the first to criticise LIV, but it's intriguing that he named Smith.

Smith reportedly made the manoeuvre when winning at St. Andrews last month.
This week, LIV Golf welcomed the 29-year-old Australian.

Smith remarked during his introduction presser, "I'm delighted to be here." "This is golf's future.

" I like it here. The range music is more relaxed. That's awesome. I can't wait to participate."

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