funeral for Queen Elizabeth II

LONDON — The Queen Elizabeth II's coffin has finished a parade through the heart of London and is being transported in a hearse to Windsor Castle, where she will be laid to rest.

The coffin was transported to a hearse at Wellington Arch, close to Buckingham Palace,

after being pushed by 142 Royal Navy men more than a mile (1.6 kilometres) from Westminster Abbey on a gun carriage.

Numerous employees of Buckingham Place stood in a straight line in the courtyard of the palace and many of them bowed or curtsied as the procession passed by.

The coffin of the monarch will be driven the 20 miles (32 kilometres) to Windsor Castle, where she will be buried alongside her late husband, Prince Philip, who passed away last year, later on Monday.

Thousands more people are lined up along the more common suburban routes the corpse will travel on as it makes its way to Windsor.

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