Former NFL player and ESPN Analyst Has a Stern Message for Russell Wilson

As the third week of the season approaches, the Denver Broncos are a respectable 1-0. They haven't been all that spectacular, though, considering Russell Wilson is the team's captain.

Rob Ninkovich, a former defensive lineman, discussed Denver's prognosis for the rest of the season on Friday's episode of ESPN's Get Up.

Wilson needs to be a genuine leader, according to Ninkovich, if the Broncos are to succeed this season. Ninkovich is now concerned about the experienced quarterback's ability to lead.

This team won't advance and won't be the squad we anticipated, according to Ninkovich, if Russell can't act as the team's leader.

Then Ninkovich emphasized how outstanding a leader Tom Brady was while they were teammates on the New England Patriots.

"You want your quarterback to serve as the team's torchbearer. Everyone wants to be that guy's follower. And I'm limited to sharing my experiences with Tom Brady when I do so. 

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