For the role of Superman, Christopher Reeve faced some tough competition.

Everyone wants to play Superman, right? Nearly a dozen performers have sported the cape in many depictions of the DC Comics superhero on both the big and small screens.

There has always been fierce rivalry for the part since it is a role that many actors want to because of the grandeur the character bestows upon them.

In Richard Donner's 1978 picture "Superman," Christopher Reeve made his acting debut as Clark Kent and his heroic alter ego. He returned for the four-feature series.

 The actor faced a lot of competition before landing the part, despite the fact that his performance set a precedent, garnering him a lot of fan affection 

In a 2016 interview with The Hollywood Reporter, director Richard Donner (who passed away in July 2021) recalled the process of choosing Sylvester Stallone to play the lead in his "Superman" picture. 

Producer Alexander Salkind was intrigued to Stallone since he was a well-known star. On the other hand, Donner favoured a surprising, "unknown" actor. 

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