foods that flatten your belly

Cut calories to reduce abdominal fat. Not all calories are equal, and not all meals should be minimised. Jessica Crandall recommends eating more soluble fibre to flatten your stomach.

Bananas have a terrible image (too carby!) as healthful meals, although they're nutritious. Bananas' potassium may help flush away excess fluids

Watermelon is rich in potassium to reduce water weight. Watermelon is a great source of arginine, an amino acid that helps the body burn fat fast, according to Nutrition.

Salty or sweet meals may induce abdominal obesity. Replace chips with cucumber slices. Their soluble fibre and high water content make them a guilt-free snack.

Papaya.Crandall said papayas are frequently neglected for more traditional fruits. They include proteolytic enzymes that aid digestion and are high in fibre, A, and C.

Peppermint.Boggy? Candy cane. Peppermint extract reduces gas and intestinal discomfort, says Crandall. Even inhaling peppermint may reduce overeating.

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