For the second year in a row, a female fan's impressive beer chug at the US Open goes viral.

A different kind of annual tradition appears to be developing in the spectator area of a tennis tournament.

According to a video the tournament shared, a woman who gained notoriety last year for chugging a beer in the stands at the U.S. Open repeated the act at a match over the weekend,

drawing loud applause and cheers from the spectators.When the camera panned to the tennis fan, Megan Lucky, during the match on Sept. 3,

she was clearly aware of her task and snatched her friend's beer with the fervour of Nick Kyrgios or Coco Gauff.

The caption on the U.S. Open's Twitter video, which has been viewed more than 264,100 times, reads, "It seems this is becoming tradition at this point." 

Lucky later shared a humorous Instagram story reply to the U.S. Open account about the incident.

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