FDA warns about TikTok's NyQuil chicken trend

US health inspectors warn about a new TikTok challenge involving chicken and NyQuil.

Cooking chicken breasts soaked with NyQuil is dubbed "sleepy chicken." Boiling Nyquil may affect its concentration and characteristics, the FDA warns.

Inhaling pharmaceutical vapours while cooking might induce elevated drug levels, the warning says.

The craze is the latest example of how social media may push individuals to ingest harmful items, after fads where toddlers ate Tide Pods or Benadryl to get high

“The FDA routinely monitors social media trends to fight online misinformation,” an FDA official said in an email. "The agency will emphasise consumer and product safety."

Inhaling NyQuil fumes may induce respiratory problems, hallucinations, loss of consciousness, and seizures, says Indiana University School of Medicine professor Bill Sullivan.

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