Fans slam NBC for not airing Ozzy Osbourne's full halftime performance during NFL kickoff.

In the wake of Thursday night's NFL season opener between the Buffalo Bills and the Los Angeles Rams, NBC took a beating online for failing to show Ozzy Osbourne for more than

10 seconds during the halftime show.
The 73-year-old Osbourne was midway through his performance when sportscaster Maria Taylor came on screen to welcome him

It has been well documented in fan-made recordings that Osbourne also sang his popular song "Crazy Train" during the halftime report.

At the halftime concert, Osbourne performed for the second time after his "life-changing" operation in June. 

Before yesterday night, you might have seen him perform at the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games back in August.

Osbourne paid homage to "our greatest Queen" hours before his show at SoFi Stadium, after the tragic news of Queen Elizabeth's death.

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Mid-flight bulletins gave pilots the option of telling passengers of the Queens death.

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