Family discovers they owe $99 billion in debt, which leaves them distraught.

A family was recently taken aback when they looked up their online banking information and saw that their bank balance was $-99,999,999,999.22.

Kana Kardong, a Seattle-based 19-year-old who published a snapshot of the picture on Reddit, has gotten more than 49,000 upvotes. 

She jokingly said, "Either my bank botched up, or I'm going to have to start making financial changes," with the picture.

With almost 61 percent of Americans utilising the service in 2018 and it being expected that number would increase to 65.3 percent by 2022, digital banking has grown significantly in the U.S

However, there are some drawbacks to online banking, such as technical difficulties, mistakes, and the potential for secrets to be revealed.

Recently, a woman described how she ruined her own engagement surprise by accessing her boyfriend's bank account and discovering that he had made a sizable jewellery purchase.

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