Experts are concerned about Europe's shrinking waterways.

Pieces of a rusty pickup vehicle melt away under the sunlight.
Every movable component, including the windows, tyres, and interior, has long since disappeared.

It faces a cluster of hollowed-out houses and abandoned structures, all that's left of the northwest Spanish community of Aceredo, which was inundated 30 years ago by a hydroelectric project.

Once-submerged communities, ships, and bridges throughout Europe have reemerged this year as rivers and reservoirs have dried up. Some of these structures date back thousands of years.

Scientists warn that human-caused climate change is increasing the likelihood and severity of extreme weather events like heat waves and drought.

The Dolmen of Guadalperal, a megalithic structure dating back four to five millennia and commonly referred to as the Spanish Stonehenge, was constructed from a dry dam west of Madrid.

Furthermore, a historic packhorse bridge was recently uncovered due to low water levels at Baitings Reservoir in Northern England.

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